Everyone said "put a blog on your site with news, updates, info and fun stuff", so here it is.


To Shop or Not to Shop...

If you've ever used ebay as a shopper, you'll know that the choice they offer from countless sellers is amazing.
You'll also probably be aware of the great deals to be had.
So that's all good, right?

Well, it is for the buyer/shopper.
Unfortunately, those sellers (or many of the micro businesses like us) are continually pushed by ebay to offer free shipping, discounted products, multi-buys and other ways to attract buyers.
This, as well as the ever increasing fees when products sell, affects profit.
They also have a stealth tax in the form of a "final value fee on postage".
We get charged a fee for taking a buyers postage payment!

That's not all, if you want an ebay shop which is nothing more than a glorified webpage that nobody visits, it will cost you a minimum of £30 per month including VAT.
Nobody visits anyone's ebay shop because they all do the same thing - type the search term in the search bar and hit search.
You do it, I do it, we all do it.
So that's why we have cancelled our ebay shop subscription after 11 years... What WERE we thinking?!!
This means we won't be paying high fees, a pointless shop subscription, stealth taxes and having to follow ebay's stupid item specifics regime anymore.
This is great news for our customers as prices are now lower on this website than we were charging on ebay.

So, please bookmark our site and come back to check our latest stock regularly.
Thanks J.

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Coming soon...

We will be stocking NEW manual focus mirrorless camera  lenses from 7artisans.

These lenses offer outstanding optical ability, great build quality and at a price you won't believe.

street photography scene at camera dealer
group of micro 4/3 mount lenses for mirrorless cameras at camera dealer

Who are 7artisans?

7Artisans was born when a group of Chinese camera enthusiasts came together for a dinner in the Summer of 2015.
They discussed their passions and realised some were interested in optical design while others were more skilled at running factory production lines. One was an avid Leica lens collector. Everyone who participated came to the same conclusion: “If we involve our skills and work together, we can create new high quality original camera lenses.”
That is how the 7Artisans Project began.


It's odd how things can change overnight and something is changing here.
Something good in fact.
It's too early to give you details yet but lets just say that owners of mirrorless cameras will be very interested.

Book mark us and pop back here regularly for updates on our exciting news.


Ever wondered how your photos will turn out when your favourite lens has received a nasty scratch?
In this Youtube video, Benj Haisch shows how a lens performs after a seemingly devastating impact.


Well, the SLRs that needed light seals - now have light seals!
Much scraping and cleaning and sticking - and re-sticking etc.

These along with a nice Nikon FG-20 SLR and some pretty Nikon AF lenses too.
There's even a book on early Canon SLRs, a Helios bellows for FD mount and some neat Polaroid close-up lenses to screw onto 52mm threads.
All these items and more will be live on ebay within the next seven days.

Remember, you can buy ANY item from us for less than our ebay marked price directly from this website.
We'll invoice you with Paypal. Simple and effective.

Here's hoping everyone is well and staying safe now we are easing out of lockdown in the UK.

Nikon FG-20 35mm SLR Camera


We had a little backlog of cameras recently.
About six different SLRs that needed new light seals.
It's not my favourite job I have to say and it does get left until last BUT I have been setting time aside to get these done and I'm glad to say I'm making progress.

Oddly enough, I'm quite enjoying it.
It is very satisfying removing the old gunk that is perished foam and old glue.
Once that clean surface is visible, the new seals can be cut to size and fitted.
I'm very happy with the results and it's started me thinking that maybe (only maybe at this stage), I could offer a light seal fitting service.
Pricing would need to be considered as the materials are very cheap but the labour time involved can be quite high depending on what model I'm working on.
I'll have to give it some more thought so watch this space for updates.

One of our recent sales for a Polaroid SX-70 SLR camera was found to have a fault when our customer started to use it.
We asked them to return it and it was found that a drive coupling was broken.
I undertook a successful repair on it and it's already back with its owner who was delighted and left us great feedback on both ebay and Google.

Hope you all like the new look to this website.
It is (hopefully) cleaner looking and easier to navigate.
Please, please get in touch if there is anything you want to comment on or any ideas/thoughts you may have.
It can be lonely here in space... 😉



First up is the new YouTube channel from Midi (Music In Devon Initiative) - it's great and supports and showcases artists and performers from the Devon area.
It's nothing to do with cameras or photography, or is it? I think it does. It was filmed by someone with a camera, no? That camera had a lens did it not? You would photograph the performers in the street wouldn't you?
So there ya go.