About Us

I'm James and it was my interest in photography and a job working for a very well known high street retailer selling cameras that got me into this business.

The camera equipment I sell is sourced from many places but mainly auctions in quite large lots sometimes.

There is no snobbery here, I'll sell any camera or accessory (new or used) I can get my hands on that works but I'll never sell you a dirty or damaged camera.

Every camera I sell is cleaned (with anti-bacterial solution in these uncertain times) and tested for operation.

Camera Dealer is a micro company, just me in fact.
All my sales are done online, here and on eBay.

There are no fancy offices or a big industrial unit.

I work from my home office with a small photography set-up for my product images and a small workshop for cleaning and repairs.

I'm based in Taunton, Somerset and you can always collect from me to save on postage charges, just drop me a message or call me before ordering.

I want to be able to pass on that thrill I got the very first time I picked up a camera, it stays with you forever.

Below is my actual eBay feedback in real-time