I'm James and I am a professional camera dealer specialising in used film cameras and lenses.

"Camera Dealer" began trading on eBay in 2010 and although it's had a couple of name changes, it retains the values of honesty and excellent value for money.

We are putting more time and effort into this website to sell from here which saves us from the very high fees we are charged selling on ebay.
This means our customers save money and we make more sales so everyone wins.

Our online shop is the place to buy 35mm cameras, manual focus lenses, TLR 120 roll film cameras, compact cameras, auto focus lenses, flashguns, rangefinders, compact cameras and many other types of photo equipment.

Our day is spent sourcing and buying stocks of used film cameras and lenses to cleaning and photographing each and every item ready for listing in our shop.
It's all done to bring you a wide range of interesting and realistically priced items with service that has already earned us a 100% ebay feedback rating from our customers.

If you are after something particular that you don't see listed in the shop or need advice about equipment, please contact us either by phone on 07551-189606 or by email at retrolenses@talktalk.net

I just want to add that none of this would be possible without the love and support of my partner Denise and the faith and encouragement of my late Mum and Dad, Violet and James,
I love you.