Who needs eBay?

Who needs eBay?

When I first began to sell online, I went with what I knew and that was eBay.

It used to be a great place to sell.

It was a community.

People would sell used items to raise some cash.

I began small (very small) and gradually increased the volume of items I had listed.

For a while, it was good.

Over time though, things changed. For the worst.

eBay began to raise their fees. Then the big boys moved in - Argos, Currys etc. selling new items and pushing the sellers of used goods into a corner.
How do you compete with their buying power as a sole trader trying to make a living?
Then eBay decided they would charge another fee, a new one for us sellers - The Final Value Fee on POSTAGE.
10% on every postage charge.

How they can do this I really don't know.

I could go on but there's no point, eBay have sellers over a barrel.
That's why I began to move away from them with this website.

My customers will benefit because the prices I charge going forward will be lower.

Plus, buyers will still be covered by Paypal and Amazon Pay so if there is a problem, it can be mediated and sorted out by them.

So,  why would you go to ebay?

Bookmark our site and enjoy the same great service from us as you always did.