County Oxford Range Ball & Socket Aluminium Vintage Tripod Head

County Oxford Range Ball & Socket Aluminium Vintage Tripod Head

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The head has one male 1/4 inch thread (standard size for most cameras*) on the top and one female 1/4 inch thread on the base.
This means you can fit it to an existing tripod head as an add-on head or if you have a tripod with a removable head, you can fit it as a replacement head.

The ball and socket moves freely and it has a locking lever for the mechanism.

The small knurled knob that locks the 360 deg rotating socket has had a knock and so it isn't at right angles to it's thread.
This has not had any affect upon the working of the part.

The head is approx 12cm (4 & 3/4 inches) in height.
The base has a diameter of approx 73mm (2 & 7/8 inches)
Top plate is approx 54 mm (2 & 1/4 inches)

It is made of aluminium and has a rubber face on the top plate and the same on the base.
It weighs 399 grams (14 ounces).

*most 35mm SLR & DSLR cameras use this size. Larger medium format cameras may use the bigger 3/8 inch.



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